About Us


Dr. Peter Finlay MSc MIPI MBACP

Peter is a scientist and consultant in digital data recovery & computer forensics and is a Member of the Institute of Professional Investigators. As an R&D engineer he designed and developed many novel products and scientific instruments including industrial robotics, car alarms and covert surveillance systems. He is proud to have been able to design and develop rheological instrumentation and techniques to obviate the need for testing pharmaceutical fluids on animals, as well as a covert alarm system to catch poachers in the act. He is also an accredited Psychotherapist with a private practice in London’s Harley Street.
Peter is a Director of Bonobo TV and has worked with Geoff Francis for many years on a variety of projects led by their common interest in ethical living and care for animals

            Darren Ginn

Darren is a career musician : a pianist, keyboardist, vocalist, composer, arranger, teacher, accompanist, performer, recording artist, producer, music director and conductor across a wide range of styles. He has been a humanitarian, activist, and advocate since the early 70’s working on critical issues facing humanity and our planet; an ethical vegan for over twenty years; active member of PETA and PCRM; current/past board member, co-founder, contributor, and music director for several non-profit organizations all working through creative approaches to benefit as many people as possible. He has always felt artists have the responsibility to utilize their talents for assisting humanity to evolve forward. ~ Everything is Inextricably Connected … We Are All One ~

          Geoff Francis

Geoff is a Saatchi-shortlisted artist, award-winning photographer, writer and lyricist whose work has a strong ethical base which can particularly be seen in his ‘Social Conscience’ series of paintings and the art installation ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction – Changing the Picture’ featured at the Frieze Art fair. His writing includes the single ‘ Wot, No Meat ’ with punk legend Captain Sensible and a slate of 18 books to his name including the controversial  ‘Babylon Farm‘ and “OR IS IT? – A Tale from Another World’ . Along with Janet Hunt he produced the very first ‘Celebrity Vegetarian Cookbook’. Several of his poetry books deal with our relationship to the natural world like unNatural heart – A collection created for the 2020 poet laureate competition, Sailors – created to support Sea Shepherd and the most recent  Werewolf Dreams– A very dark examination of the reasons for the planet’s destruction. His young adults’ novel ‘Spirit of the Game’ won endorsement by the UN Department for Sport and Peace for the way it addressed racism.