ECO Noire eBooks

Babylon Farm

A man awakes with no memory of a past, only the will to live. He is a prisoner in a world where no other form of animal life now exists – just human beings (who still have a taste for flesh). He is one of those who will be farmed to satiate that appetite. Includes 13 original paintings,
(Animals – Dystopian – Fiction)

Drowning the Butterfly

A Collection of Poems by Geoff Francis

Part of the ECO Noire Collection
(Animals – Fiction – Nature)

Eco-Noire is the creation of musician and arranger Darren Ginn and artist and writer Geoff Francis
The Noir formula is a woman with a past meets a man with no future Mother Nature has a past growing ever dim and distant Man has no future continuing as he does

Enchanted Wood – A Brush with a Fox’s Tale

A magical realism tale in the Natures Heroes series. The story of one man’s journey to find his place in nature and the boy he comes to share this with. From the darkness of Arthur’s initial despair it becomes an uplifting story when he introduces Liam to the secret world of foxes.
(Animals – Collaborations – Fiction – Nature)

Going Underground

A collection of images and words that suggest a dystopian, ghostly , Gothic experience
on the shores of a British seaside town.
(Collaborations – Poetry)

Leaving Babel

A collection of images and words that suggest a dystopian, ghostly , Gothic experience on the shores of a British seaside town.
(Collaborations – Poetry)


Film Script
Geoff Francis

Nature’s Daughter

A light celebratory poem with very special and privileged images by Paul Windridge

Or is it ?

A tale set in a dystopian world where the appetite for flesh can only be fulfilled by taking human life.
Ingenious ways are contrived to meet that demand.
(Collaborations – Fiction – Dystopian)

Prisoners on the Carousel

104 poems written during the lock-down period exploring the sense of confinement and an examination of what freedom means.
(Poetry – Dystopian)


Inspired by two lines by Leonard Cohen, this book is dedicated to Sea Shepherd with whom Geoff has had a long-term connection. It includes details of facts about what is happening to the oceans and also quotes from Captain Paul Watson the organisation’s founder and driving force.
(Nature – Poetry)

Six Windows

One of a number of experiments with the images and words by the digital artist Paul Windridge and Geoff Francis wearing his poets cloak. Here they are using a random collection of short poems to create a stream of consciousness in various dimensions conjured by Paul’s images.
(Collaborations – Poetry)

Unnatural Heart

‘As a conservationist and representative for a beleaguered planet, Geoff Francis sees the poetry in the plight and offers through his own art and writing a resonance for salvation’. David Erdos These poems were collated for the Poet Laureate’s Environmental Competition in 2020.
(Animals – Nature – Poetry)

Werewolf Dreams

A Gothic tale. A detective sets about understanding an epidemic of unexplained deaths and suicides in the elite business world. The perpetrator is a werewolf but there is no blood on his teeth or in his mouth. He simply has the power to make these people face the consequences of what they do.
(Collaborations – Dystopian – Fiction – Poetry)